Work Experience


  • Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft

I am a Full Stack Software Engineering Intern for the Dynamics 365 Retail team that is under the Business Applications Group (Cloud and AI). I have been developing Remote Manager Override feature, that allows a Cashier to remotely request permission from the Manager to do certain Operations they don’t have access to. This feature is meant for the retail stores that use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product.

I have developed APIs for Client-Server communication, UIs for Cashier and Manager, in addition to working with Authentication for granting permissions. Also, I am creating a ‘push-based’ notification system such that the Server can notify the Clients in real time.

For front-end, I am working with HTML, Typescript, Knockout Javascript and for the back-end, I am using C# and SQL.



  • Undergraduate Research Assistant at Purdue University

    I worked as a Research Assistant in the College of Technology at Purdue University during this Summer of 2017. In my research, I developed a software for Virtual Reality using OpenVR and C++ under the guidance of Professor Tim McGraw. In this software, I implemented an immersive modeling tool that enabled artists and designers to create sculptural forms by interacting with virtual objects and tools.

    The software required a low-cost commercial VR  system with high-resolution motion tracked controllers to enable the development of 3D design tools. In this system, users’ hand motions generated surfaces which can be exported as 3D digital models.

    As a result, the software provided rendered images and fabricated models. The potential applications include modeling for virtual environments, the design of assets for games and animation, and the creation of sculptural objects.

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Data Structures and Algorithms, Systems Programming & Computer Architecture

    As a Teaching Assistant for the courses Data Structures and Algorithms (CS251), Systems Programming (CS252) and Computer Architecture (CS250), I help the Graduate Teaching Assistant to conduct the labs and I provide help sessions to students who are currently taking the courses.

    In Data Structures and Algorithms labs, I help with class projects that students need to develop using C++ such as Web Crawler and Search Engine Prototype.  For Systems Programming, I assist students to create their own shell, Http Server, etc using C and C++. For  Computer Architecture,  I help grade assignments and conduct labs which involve ARM Assembly language, C  Programming Language, and RaspberryPi. 


  • Software Developer at NovaLabs

    In the Spring of 2017, I worked as a Software Developer at NovaLabs in the College of Technology at Purdue University. Using C++ programming language and Unreal Game Development Engine, I was developing a game for a startup under the guidance of Professor David Whitwinghill. The game involved a virtual world where the player had to build their own Mafia Mob from scratch. To make the virtual world function, I worked on an Artificial Intelligence that operated and simulated like a real world. Unfortunately, the startup backed out due to financial reasons and we couldn’t finish the game but we were able to create a sample. Though our goals weren’t met, we learned a lot during this journey!

  • Software Engineering Intern at Wipro Infotech 

    wipro-logoIn the Summer of 2016, I interned as a Software Engineer at Wipro InfoTech, New Delhi India. I developed an online Registration form for Goods and Services Tax Network. I used J2EE, JSP, Html, JDBC Driver and MySQL Workbench to create the form. The form that I created managed over 159 types of data had to come from the 4 million expected users. This software served as a prototype to provide IT infrastructure to Indian Tax Administration.


  • Founder and Software Developer at EasyEd

    Before I interned at Wipro Infotech in the Summer of 2016, I founded a start-up EasyEd (Easy Education) that develops interactive educational games for Primary School Classrooms for fun learning. I successfully developed five custom educational games for one of the best Primary Schools in New Delhi with my team using C# Programming language on Unity Engine.

    Since 90 percent of the kids these days are exposed to video games in cities, EasyEd’s motive was to use this as an opportunity to impart education in an easy and entertaining way via games.

    ext.jpegWe accept orders for custom educational games for interactive classroom learning in schools.

    Through EasyEd, I gained valuable Leadership and Communication skills by approaching various Primary Schools and collaborating with them.