Personal Projects

Truth Or Dare Party App

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I Developed a Swift based iOS Application for the classic ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Spin the Bottle’ game. The Application generates random questions for ‘Truth’ and tasks for ‘Dare’ while changing background colors to enhance interaction. The game uses the Model-View-Controller design pattern to function. This game is my first iOS Application.

Escape To Space

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Escape to Space is a First Person Shooting game where the protagonist is an alien who needs to escape the building and make it back to the UFO that is waiting for it in time. I built the video game using the C# programming language and Unity3D engine. I presented this game during VandyHacks Fall 2016 in Vanderbilt University.  This was my first 3D game. Please find the URL to our submission here:

Let’s Learn Hindi

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A lot of educational games exist but for Hindi there was none. So I decided to make a game that kids can play on their desktop, all they need to do is press the right initial for the picture using a mouse. To give each level an incentive I created a story where the kids need to help Ed, from EasyEd, to collect lollipops for his friend Daisy as its Daisy’s Birthday. Each right answer gives a lollipop.

I developed this 2D game using the C# programming language and the Unity3D engine. This game was one of the samples I presented to school for interactive classroom games.

The Alphabet Game

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This game is exactly what it sounds like, it’s all about alphabets. The alphabet game is a 2D game I developed using the C# programming language and the Unity3D engine for primary-school kids education. Just like we have “A for Apple” and “B for Ball” the game requires the kids to press the alphabet on the keyboard the object in the picture starts with. This game led me into EasyEd where I developed more educational games samples for schools.